help w/ wine o' the mth club membership

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Hello, hello. Any ideas out there an wine of the month club membership? I'm willing to spend about $150 or so on a membership for my brother's birthday.

I'm not looking for wine that comes from any particular region or anything like that -- my brother loves to sample. Aside from my price range, the only other determining factor is the type of wine: my brother's a big fan of the reds.

I'd love to hear your ideas!!

Thanks in advance,
Joined Dec 7, 2001
Hi there, Cape Chef.

Thanks so much for your speedy reply and the welcome! I'll certainly check out these sites. I did a bit of research a few days ago, but I just couldn't tell which sites were better than others. I did, however, definitely rule out the business based in Iowa whose site was littered with misspellings. Not good.

I might come back and bug you all a bit more for some help ;-)

BTW, I'm from Chicago.

Thanks a heap,
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D,Your very welcome.

Just as an FYI...I am a "fair" speller LOL

Hey theres alot of people from Chicago on cheftalk ,including the person who founded cheftalk.Nicko

I was in your fair city last May for the NRA show...Great city!!

Ate at Aruns and blackbird,Not to shabby

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