Help! Vegan Bundt cakes cracking!

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Help! My vegan Bundt cakes are cracking. These are 6 inch cakes. I cooled in pan 10 minutes before depanning. Any ideas on what the issue could be? Also, have changed my recipe recently. Went from 3 tsp baking powder to 2 tsp baking powder could that be an issue?


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Well I think you answered your own question. You changed the recipe.

You had another post here asking about the holes in your vegan bundt cakes. I wasn't able to trouble shoot that because you didn't provide a recipe. Again, to accurately solve your issue, it would be helpful to have the recipe in this case too,

Cake recipes are balanced. If you tip one thing out of balance by changing ingredient amount, it affects the others as well. Results usually aren't optimal.
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What made you decide you needed less baking powder for this recipe? Were you having trouble with it previously? What kind of problems? Have you been baking this recipe in a different pan and only had trouble once you put it in a bundt pan?

Having the recipe and also why you made the change you did would help figure out a solution.
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