Help starting a food shipping business

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I want to start a food shipping business but I don't no much on what to do to start. I've read a few things but any info would be awesome even recipes or ideas. Thank you - aj
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You didn't mention if this is a long held dream or something that has just popped into your head.

Either way you need to start collecting data and put together some sort of business model (with your product and recipes being on the front page ;-)

Start out with a list of questions (what, who, where, how, when) and then start reading/studying to find the answers best suited to you and your ideal plan.

Not something you can form overnite but it (a solid plan) will put you a step closer to achieving success.

Don't forget your plan B (I think of it as disaster preparedness).

Business plans should be solid but have a bit of fluidity built in...because the one thing you can depend in this business is that things are continually in flux (rules and regulations, taxes, payroll ).

Good luck.


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