Help selecting stovetop casserole dish

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I'm looking for advice on purchasing a stovetop casserole dish.

I picked up the Julie Child French Cooking books and cooked my first dish the other night from them, Boeuf Bourguignon.

It turned out amazing but I was going back and forth between a 6 qt pan that can't go in the over and a pyrex casserole dish that can't go on the stove top. The recipe calls for moving a casserole from the stove to the oven.

I'm used to creating a lot of dirty dishes to clean though it seems that I could have avoided some hassle if I had a stovetop casserole in my kitchen.

Any thoughts?

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An enamel cast iron Dutch oven is best for dishes like this. If you can afford Le Creuset it's worth it. If not there are a lot of brands that make affordable Dutch ovens like cuisinart and chef brands like rachel Ray and Wolfgang puck. I've seen well priced ones at TJMaxx and even at Costco.


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A standard 12" skillet is very close to the same area as a pyrex 9x13. 113 square inches for the skillet, 117 square inches for the pyrex. The sides are a little taller in the pyrex.  Having a skillet with an oven safe handle makes this all the easier. 
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Get a cast iron Dutch oven. In some of them the lid doubles as a skillet. Great also for deep fry and almost indestructible.

A clay pot is a probably choice too, but will require lots of care.
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I second the advice for a dutch oven, and my preference would be for enameled cast iron (mainly because that's what I'm using and that's what I'm used to). I have a Le Creuset dutch oven which is perfect for braises. 

However I have also made excellent braises including boeuf bourguignon in a standard stainless steel pot with a stainless steel lid, or even with a tempered glass lid. 


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My personal best advice is to go with a cooking utensil that best meets your needs. There are many choices out there that are reasonably priced that perform multiple of tasks.
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