HELP! Ranges! anyone familiar with GE Monogram? Any suggestions welcome.

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    I noticed a lot of threads regarding this same issue but I am wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has a :


    GE Monogram ZDP366PSS

     i had my heart set on Viking or a Wolf.... but after doing a lot of online research and talking to various people that have them im not quite sure its the best option. I also have looked into Bertazzoni, Blue Star, Aga and went a step further to join Consumer Reports to get info on the ranges they have tested. Again found a lot these high end companies had very low scores- so now i am back to square one. I found that this GE MONOGRAM model i have listed got very high ratings on the Consumer reports site however i didnt find MUCH online reviewing it by actual owners (although the reviews i did read were very positive just not enough of them to give me a good idea) so I'm wondering if its worth the hefty price tag.

    We do not have natural gas where we are and have a propane tank on the side of our house which leads me to believe that i should invest in a dual fuel range vs gas/gas. agreed?

    please. i really am open to any and all suggestions regarding this issue. thank so much for listening!