help preparing avocados quickly

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been working about 2 weeks at my first line cooking job and im on pantry.  The avocado on the cobb salad always slows me down.  For each salad we use a quarter of an avocado cut in thirds lengthwise.  I've seen people do it differently but most people cut it in quarters, peel the quarter avocado out with their hands and then cut in thirds. Other people slice it in thirds before peeling it out. ive tried both ways and its hit or miss. 

what do you do if the skin doesn't wanna come off and it's just sticking to it?  I've tried cutting it out if it's too stuck but it didn't look good.  also, how do i prevent the remaining quarter from browning while it's sitting?
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Slice it in the skin, then scoop it out with a spoon, put lime juice on it, or lemon juice.
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cut the avocado in half, remove half. cut the side that does not have the pit into quarters, stick one of the quarters back onto the half with the pit. it should stick. with a pairing knife make your cuts in the skin, then use the back of the tip and start at the narrow end and remove the slices from the skin, fan  them in one hand and place on the salad. later when using the rest it should only brown on the side not touching the pit. when fanning those slices make sure the brown side is down and the fresh green side is facing the customer.  unless the last quarter sits for a long time it should be fine to use or just a slight outside trim of one of the brown sides will make the avocado look fresher.
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I don't know the answer to this but I think it's a tragedy to only put a quarter of an avocado in a salad. 
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I find that cutting the flesh while it's in the skin, then scooping all the flesh out with a biggish teaspoon or even a soup spoon, works very well. A little acid will prevent discoloration, and usually lemon or lime will taste best with your dressing without overpowering the delicate avocado flavoring.
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It depends on the avocado.  If it's a thick skinned "Haas," and the fruit's flesh is still hard, they can be touch to peel.  Cut them in sixths, use a petty or parer to peel each segment, then slice in half.  If it's a Fuerte or ripe Haas, you shouldn't have any trouble using the point of your knife to slice them in the peel, then using a spoon or your knife to remove them.  The key is adjusting your methods to the produce.    

Interesting the avocado in your restaurant's "Cobb" salad is served sliced instead of chunked or cubed. 
  • Are the eggs presented quartered? 
  • The greens torn, instead of chopped?
  • Turkey and not chicken
  • Choice of dressing of course? 
Until a few years ago, a Cobb was a very definite thing.  It's amazing what people get up to.
I think it's a tragedy to only put a quarter of an avocado in a salad,
is so very well put.

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