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Hey! I'm new and I have a VERY important question for anyone who might be able to respond - TONIGHT! I am doing an English research paper on careers, and since I want to be a chef, that's what my paper is based on. The only problem I am having is that I need information on the history. I have the history of the uniform, but I can't seem to find anything on when the term chef came into play and such. Of course, being the terrible procrastinator I am, I'm my own worst enemy at times! But I'm working on it! I have a rough draft due tomorrow, and if I could add something into my paper tomorrow morning before school it would take a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. Otherwise, I can just add it during the final editing of the paper - which is due March 15. Anyway, thank you to anyone who might be able and willing to help me, and I'll try to return the favor for you - whom ever you may be - if possible. Thank you!:chef:
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Dear wackogurl....

You know teaching is a wonderful thing, I love to teach, and be tought.

However, a student must organize their research, and show a constant commitment to the art of learning.

The books are endless in our field with the history of cooks, chefs and food.

I will help you this one time, and only this one time, because I am not one to do the others homework. (but I have two daughters)

As far as returning a favor, I ask only that you succeed in your studies, and find some joy learing about what it means to be a chef.

Ok, Wacko..Although there had obviously always been cooks in charge of other cooks, there is the 15th century description of the chief cook whose job was tasting and testing, not cooking-the phrase itself did not appear before the begining of the 19th century, passing quickly from France to England and other countries which had adopted the linqua franca of haute cuisine.

Before that chefs were also called cooks, sometimes qualified as mancooks, mastercooks, cookmaids, proffesedcooks, principalcooks and on and on.

Before the revolution in France, the head cook might be called ecuyer de cuisine , supported by the ranks of specialists such as rottisseurs, patissiers, and so on, as well as the body of cuisiniers.

So..I hope from this post you will find the words you need to get you out of bed before dawn and hit the books.
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Thank you. That's exactly what I needed. I have the rest of my paper, so now I can add that into it and have it done before I go to bed. Thanks again!

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