Help please on dessert plating ideas

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Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice on dessert presentation. My company is doing an event for a hospital where they will have many local restaurants. They have sold 400 tickets to date and I need some help in coming up with ideas for plating our desserts (we are a custom bakery and don't plate often, but I do have some experience from an internship at Le Bernadin). I'd like to have over 400 desserts plated nicely and the following is what I am thinking but would love some input on improvements from the experts!!

- apple frangipane tarts: dots of caramel on plate, run through dots with cinnamon on knife and sprinkle a minimal amount of crushed walnuts on the caramel

- spice cake with brown sugar swiss meringue filling/frosting covered in cinnamon white chocolate poured ganache: creme anglaise flavored with cloves and all-spice applied to plate with pastry brush; each cake slice topped with a white chocolate transfer that has autumn leaves on it

- chocolate cake with vanilla meringue filling layered with praline gananche: maybe brush the plate with some chocolate sauce, top each piece with a few hazelnut halves (?)

- pumpkin whoopie pie with cream cheese filling: I have no idea!!

Sorry this is so long but any help will be most appreciated. Its only three of us doing the plating so I'm trying to make it a simple yet nice.


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Possibly, you could dust the whoopie pies with powdered sugar, and a small bit of whipped cream dusted with coco powder, or cover with choclate shavings. 
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