Help picking chefs knife for wedding gift

Joined Oct 11, 2020
Hello! My cousin is getting married in 5 short months. He is a lover of fine craftsmanship and knives. I am looking to buy him his first Japanese style chef knife. Budget up to $300. If there is a way to get him a chef knife and a petite or paring knife as well that would be great. Thanks for your recommendations!
Joined Jul 15, 2020
Check his wedding registry? He probably has one on there. If not, I agree that a gift card is the way to go. There is a lot of personal preference involved in chef knife or gyuto purchases. There are varying different knife profiles, handle types, and blade materials. For instance, you could buy me a very expensive, well made Japanese gyuto with a bullnose, wa handle, and a fancy hammered finish and while I would be very appreciative, it would probably become a drawer jockey because it just isn't my thing and I wouldn't get much use out of it.
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