Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

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Depends on the line, not all of them are made by Lamson. The lasers are made by some Japanese company. I'm not sure about the Ultimatum line (except the Ultimatum HD, that's Konosuke).
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Thanks for that tidbit, BDL.

I was familiar with Richmond's relationship with Lamson & Goodnow, but wasn't aware of its ties to Fujiwara and Konosuke. I know Gesshin is outsourced, but I don't know if Jon's choice of supplier(s) is public knowledge.

I've got a 240 mm HD2 on the way for the wife and am considering an Ultimatum in 52100 for myself. I haven't purchased a new gyuto in sometime, so it'll be fun trying a new steel and profile.

not always public knowledge, and the vast majority of them are custom made to our requirements (from the profile, grind, heat treatment, etc.)
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And the Ultimatum Carbon is out of stock again.  Wow, that was quick!
I bought mine yesterday, right after BDL tells it was back in stock. I friend of mine was also interested and we checked today morning, in Brazil, for our suprise, it was already out of stock. So I asked Mark and he told me he had received 3 only. Check with him when he is receiveing a new batch.
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