help needed with ideas for desserts

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some help with ideas/recipes for desserts.

I own/manage a lodge and we have an a la carte menu containing items like steak, beer battered fish, stir fries, piri piri chicken, lasagna, curries, toasted sandwiches etc.

I now want to add some desserts to the menu as well.

At the moment we only do ice cream (bought).

There are a couple of limitations as to what we can do:

- The kitchen is not very big, my kitchen staff has been trained on the job but they have no formal training.

- I'm about 3 hours from the closest town, so need to rely on goods/products that can be frozen or are available close by

- The desserts should not take up too much time to make/assemble as they shouldn't interfere with the dinner items.

Anyone with good ideas?

So far I've come up with

- banana creole (banana, coconut and rum)

- cake (in some shape or form)

- coffee (in all sort of shapes, like french coffee, coffee with tia maria, kahlua etc etc)

- fruit salad with whatever fruit is in season (pawpaw or papaya and banana more or less year-round, mango and pineapple seasonal)

I've posted this (the first part) in the recipe section, but didn't get any responses, so trying it here now.......
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A Berry Cobbler would be easy and fit your menu, offer it with a scoop of Ice Cream. Turnovers, banana cream pis, Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry or another Berry short cake, coconut cupcakes, Banana Foster Crunch Cake.................The Best...........ChefBillyB
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hi butzy, 

here's a few simple, simple dessert ideas, that don't take a lot of time to make, don't take up much space, and look great

~ raspberry crisp (individual ramekins) served warm, topped with vanilla bean ice cream...actually any seasonal fruit

~ frozen hot chocolate(nice in a coffee mug, with a peppermint stick)

~ warm brownie 'sundae'....vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream(made, not canned)

~ chocolate chai mousse ( i serve this in a martini glass, with a rolled cookie and whipped cream)

~ key lime pie (classic, with graham cracker crust)

~ seasonal fruit shortcake....lemon pound cake, lots of whipped cream

~ warmed bananas with rum is a good idea, but someone has to cook it a la minute

~ my personal favorite.....affogato mocha...scoop of good chocolate ice cream in a coffee cup,( not mug), bittersweet chocolate, dark rum and

   espresso spooned over

of course cheesecake is always popular and easy...

hope this helps get your juices flowing!

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Butzy - what sort of clientele do you generally cater for?  Do you see your place as a family restaurant or pretty much adult based?  This might help in giving people an idea of what to suggest.

Some things that spring to mind:

Pears poached in red wine

Chocolate mousse topped with chantilly cream

Fruit flans

Meringue nests filled with whipped cream topped with seasonal fruits, maybe passionfruit pulp

Bread and butter pudding - easy for anyone to do, good to store

Brownies which can be tarted up with a swirl of cream and fruit

Hope some of this helps :)
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you know I hate to say it cause I am not sure, but if I recall correctly Baklavah can sit at room temp and not really be affected for a while (days) I had a friend that used to make it quite a bit and said it wasn't all that hard.
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thanks for the suggestions so far,

I'm pretty good on the savoury side, but as I don't have a sweet tooth at all, the dessert side of things is a bit of a mission.

DC, we got a wide range of people coming in, most local or regional: families, people coming for a party, serious fisherman (m/f), people coming for game viewing, canoeing etc etc.

Our busy months are March, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov. Real quiet months Jan and Feb.

We are a lot busier over the weekends and holidays than during weekdays.

Most people come for 1, 2 or sometimes 3 nights. Some self cater, most will use our restaurant for breakfast and dinner.

The bar is quite a popular place!

In October and November our average day time temperature is 43 oC (about 110 F)......

Freezer space is at a premium, fridge space even more!

We have a coolroom that we keep at around 18 oC (65 F)

I'm thinking of starting of with a choice of 3 desserts or so per evening (when it looks like it is going to be busy enough) to find out what people like and 2 or 3 fixed items that can be served when it's quiet as well
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Buy yourself some vanilla pudding. This can act as a base for many quick desserts. Pies, cakes ,mousses etc. It dosn't go bad, it is cheap and it holds up good.
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Butzy, since you haven't outgrown your dutch; there's a new TV channel in Belgium around food called NjamTV. They have a nice website with a lot of recipes, many of them in video! There's also Roger Vandamme, originates from Holland, but living in Belgium for many years, recieved his first Michelin star only a month ago. He's the dessert-guy. Very high level!

Go to the "Recepten" page and you will find over 300 recipes, also desserts on a more daily level than those made by wizzard Vandamme. Enjoy!
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some good ideas here!

one of myself (hope you guys (m/f) think it is a good idea as well)

I'm going to make some sweet short crust pastry (brisee) and pre-bake in 1 man portions.

I can fill those up with either a fruity something. or custard, rice-pudding (chris: rijstevlaai?)

then some cookies, cake and trifle, some coffee things and ice cream.

Chris: going to practice my flemish and check out the web site.

Just no time for it tonight.

One more glass of wine, some sleep, and then an early trip to the capital to stock up my freezers and everything

Going on holiday in 10 days time /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif
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