Help needed starting frozen dessert store in Florida

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Hello to all,

     My name is Jacob and I have worked in the fine dining world for eight years now.  I am looking to start a frozen dessert business in Florida and I am at an impass with finding county, federal, state codes pertaining specifically to the requirements of the kitchen (sq. footage, bathroom, sink, seperate kitchen etc.) for a frozen dessert retail establishment.  The problem is, I am a cheap man.  I am looking to lease the smallest sq. ft. shop I can that satisfies the minimum requirements.  So, the ideal space would have just the bare minimum.  I cannot, in my research, find a defintive checklist or codes list.  My food requires no manipulation, just a batch freezer.  I was put into contact with the DBPR, but they have been little help, ill-informed, and slow to respond.  I know that jamba juice and red mango do not have seperate kitchens, but I need to know the regulations before I sign a lease.  If anyone has any information that might help me along, it would be greatly appreciated.


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