HELP NEEDED! HRC Culinary school In Bulgaria...

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    Dear Respected chefs,,,,, I am currently preparing for a huge career shift from being (a Bussiness development manager) to start a career as a professional chief! I am 28 years old with a passion for cooking and anything related to kitchens and food/resturamnts
    I am currently looking for a 2-year Diploma in HRC culinary school in Bulgaria,Enrolling there as an NON-EU citizen, So any Idea about that diploma or school? anyone studied there any advice will really help at this stage.

    HRC Diploma Link

    Thanks in advance ! :) 
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    I am gonna stop you there and say that BEFORE you enroll in any culinary school you need to go get some experience in a kitchen FIRST!!
    This is beneficial in two ways:
    1) By getting a job as a dishwasher/prep cook (starting points in the industry no matter if you have schooling of not) you will learn what it is like in a commercial kitchen, the lingo, the pace, the hours, etc.
    2) By getting the experience you will be much farther on than most people that go to culinary schools therefore when you graduate you will have a better chance at better positions. Also this will allow you the opportunity to see if you really LOVE cooking as a career in commercial kitchens. If you don't like it then you have saved thousands of dollars spent going to school learning a career that you will never use.
    Hope this makes sense and helps you!!
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