Help! Need help with this cookie recipe please :(

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    Hi all, I'm new here, just joined because I'm not exactly a cooking expert, but I do love trying new things and experimenting!!

    I tried to bake some 'protein cookies' because I'm quite big on health and fitness, but damn I do love cookies...haha. 

    My dilemma is that my cookie consistency wasn't too bad...kind of hard on the outside and soft on the inside which is what I quite like, but they were VERY dry, I think the protein powder dries them out, I actually ended up making protein-icing with a teaspoon of protein powder and a bit of water, which made it a lot better and easier to eat. Also, I would have liked them to have just a little more of a chocolate flavour if possible..any help would be appreciated! I'd love my cookies to be more moist and also a bit more chocolatey (should I have added more cocoa powder??)

    Here's how I made them:

    60g chocolate caramel whey protein powder

    160g crunchy peanut butter

    2 whole eggs

    40g chocolate chips

    2 tea spoons of cocoa powder

    1/4 cup of splenda (granulated sweetener)

    I added all the dry ingredients together first, then added the peanut butter and eggs, mixed together, then added in choc chips, (was veeery sticky!!), then I just made dough balls on a tray lined with alluminum foil and flattened them out, put the cooker on full heat and put them in for about 8 mins (should I cook them at a lower temp and for longer, would that make a difference??) 

    Thanks for any help guys!!
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    Rather than splenda for a sweetener, you could consider either honey or maple syrup.  That would give them more moisture for the cooking process.  I would lower the heat and go a little longer also.

    I am not sure about the chocolate.  Perhaps using a different whey protein powder?
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    Hi Christian,
    I don't know if I can totally solve your problems but I can give you my observations and thoughts that may be able to help you to achieve a better quality and more edible cookie...

    a) don't over mix your cookie dough
    b) don't flatten the dough out before baking
    c) lower your oven temperature....350 is the magical number
    d) don't over's tempting but your cookies should be soft in the
    middle when they leave the oven.....bake for 8 to 10 mins....12 tops depending on size
    e) nix the's crap
    sub with raw or unfiltered honey, agave, applesauce, raw or organic
    brown sugar
    f) didn't see any baking soda in your recipe
    g) use creamy p'nut butter or 1/2 crunchy, 1/2 creamy
    h) don't use an old beat up cookie sheet pan or aluminum foil
    i) leave the whey powder for your workouts, not your cookies
    use w/w pastry flour,sprouted flour, rice,almond, coconut or just good
    ole' AP
    j) use a pinch of sea or kosher salt
    k) vanilla extract can go a long way to enhance flavor

    How about making a cookie bar instead? May more suit your needs and skill level(at this point) and a cookie bar can support a lot more 'stuff' like cranberries,nuts,flaxseed,oats and more chocolate or carob chips than a cookie. There are also some GREAT 'no bake' cookies and cookie bars which are easy peasy and delicious...I can send/ link you tried and true recipes if you like

    Hope this helps.....

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