HELP, Need Easy Oatmeal Cookies Recipie

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I just found out that my BF loves homebaked Oatmeal Cookies. The poor guy tried to bake them, he burned then the outside , and they were not done on the inside. So looking to bake him some cookies today.

Thank-you for all the replies ahead of time.
God Bless.
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I'll second that suggestion for the Quaker Oats recipe. I've tried a bunch and none ever turn out quite as good.
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I'll third(triple?) that suggestion as well. Phenomenal oatmeal cookies. Great with or even without the raisins.

One variation that I do with the recipe is to slightly flatten the cookies with my hand before I bake them. But that's probably just me, I'm into flat crispy cookies.
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I also use the Quaker recipe and add currants, orange zest and pecans or walnuts that were toasted ....a dsh of Vietnamese cinnamon and voila! oatmeal cookies!
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wohoooooooooo, I did baked some great oatmeal cookies. I used some imagination, i added some walnuts, and raisins and cinnamon, and after the cookies were baked i put a little bit of honey on top and sprinkled with some grated milk chocolate.
The cookies were gone in two days. I made about 2 dozen. My honey LOVED them. I went to a womens seminar and everyone had to bring something for the lunch held after the seminar, and i made about 3 dozen of them. As soon as desert came up, my cookies dissapered in an instant.


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