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I cooked a holiday ham for the first time on Christmas. Actually, it was already cooked; I only needed to heat it through. Put a wonderful glaze of raspberry jam and dijon mustard on it ... it was fabulous.

But as I was making hambone and kale soup today from the leftover shank bone, I realized there was a plastic disk on the flat bone end that I'd never removed!!!

Please tell me I didn't poison anyone; the disk was still basically whole. I thought it was cartiledge of some sort when i was skimming the fat off the stock and discovered it. I cut it out with a pair of kitchen scissors and just kept going with the soup, but someone else in the house mentioned that he was not sure we should eat the soup now.

I've put lots of yummy kale and potatoes and other veggies in it and do not want to waste six hours of simmering.

What should I do?
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Hi Tquinn!

Funny enough I have had that happen just not with a is safe to eat as long as it did not come in direct contact with heat and melt.  If it is intact you are pretty safe that the chemicals did not transfer to food.  Yummy soup!

You will not kill your relatives (unless you add other stuff you aren't supposed to hahaha)



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My mother cooked a ham once with the plastic wrap still on it.  No one died.  I think you're safe.
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