Help! Need advice on corned beef and cabbage

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by scott0949, Mar 11, 2014.

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    I've never cooked Corned Beef and cabbage before. I was going to cook it with potatoes and carrots. I'm fairly certain it will go slowly, as the bar I serve, doesn't have a lot of patrons eating. Therefore, I'm looking for a way to cook it where I can also warm it up quickly over the weekend. Also, another cook told me to freeze the corned beef and then boil it. He said I'll get much less shrinkage. Is that true? So please throw me some ideas on how to make it and be able to hold it .I was going to boil it and then cut cabbage in fourths. Not sure about how to cook potatoes and carrots. Please help! Thanks. 

    P.S. Will most likely only be cooking about 10 pounds of corned beef. 
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    I just make the corned beef the night before and let it cool in the fridge. Saving ALL of the liquid but discarding vegetables/herbs used in the cooking. Then the next day I slice it, place it in a crockpot, pour in reserved liquid from cooked corned beef from the night before, add cabbage/onions/etc., warm it up until cabbage and vegetables are softened.
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    It can be done a day ahead.  Boil it in a mixture of water and guinness along with an onion.  Let it simmer for 2-3 hrs or until tender.  In the last 45 minutes add your poatoes, carrots, and Cabbage.  Drain and reserve the liquid.

    The next day keep the liquid hot (but not cooking) on the stove, and place each serving of meat/potatoes/carrots/cabbage in the liquid to warm up for a few minutes before serving.  

    When I made it last time I had the idea of making a parsley/garlic butter and I tossed the potatoes in it.  It added a fresh accent to this dish which can be quite.... boiled and bland.