Help! Need a knife for a gift.

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I'm getting my sister a knife for Christmas (yeah the clock is ticking) but I'm unsure of what brand to get. She's just an at home hobby cook who needs a decent all around knife. I don't think she'll need anything longer than 6" or 7" and I'm looking to spend about $40. Does anyone know of good knife for the money? From the restaurant supply store I get my school stuff from I got a Forschner 7" Santoku for about $35. Is this a decent knife for the money? Thanks for your help
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From my experience, Forschner is king in that price range. You may want to consider their 8" chef, however. I find it to be a more versatile profile. If she likes the santoku profile, however, then go that route.

Before you pull the trigger, look at closeout vendors(Marshalls, Big Lots, etc.). I've seen Henkel's Twin Four Star knives at some of those places for unbelievable prices recently. They aren't Shun or Wustof Icons, by any stretch of the imagination, but the are, by far, better than what most people have in their home kitchens.
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Thank you for quick feedback ChefRay. I agree the 8" chefs is the way to go. I haven't used Santokus that much but in my limited experience I prefer chefs and I think she will too. :thumb:
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There aren't any very good, and only a few decent options in that price range. The Forschner Rosewood is the best of the bunch. Chefs Knives To Go has them with free shipping; that is, if they still have them in stock. They had them yesterday.

I'd stay away from santokus unless it's a specific request. It's an easier knife to learn, but an 8" chef's isn't really what you'd call tough -- especially if she already pinch grips, or learns. And a chef's is considerably more versatile.

If all this sounds a lot like Chef Ray's advice, that's because he's smart and I'm good at following the herd. Moo.


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