Help me with this cake

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I want to make a cake but I don't know if it will taste good, so I need your opinion.

Vanilla sponge cake with coffee syrup filled with a mixture of custard cream, whipped cream and orange zest. I will decorate the cake with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate flakes. What do you think of the flavors?
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Not the flavor combo I would ever enjoy but then I am not you.

Experiment and report back.

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I think it sounds like a good experiment, though I would personally drop one of the three flavors - coffee, orange, or strawberry.  Just seems like it might be to many fighting for attention in the final product.

I personally love oranges and strawberry.  I will sometimes macerate strawberries in orange juice, maybe a bit of orange liqueur, then use the liquid to moisten the genoise and fill the middle with the strawberries.
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To me the strawberry is the odd man out.

Too sweet too juicy and the tiny bit of acid it brings too prominent (or of the wrong type).

Confuses the palate.... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/laser.gif

Coffee and chocolate and orange make a great marriage and not one I would turn down if offered.

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instead of the strawberry for garnish. Roast a few coffee beans and double dip them in chocolate.
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