Help me to set up my kitchen, please!

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by kulizaio, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Hello everybody,

    Me and my friend are planing to open a new restaurant here in Cyprus.

    I have a 8 years experience in the restaurant business (front of house). Have been working in Chicago, England and am in Cyprus now. Since we are looking for investors a  business plan is a must and here is where I need your help...

    I am quite puzzled about what is the absolute minimum I need in the kitchen to start with in order not to overspend but to operate in a professional manner and efficiently.

    The restaurant is about 100 seats large and we are aiming to offer to our costumers a menu including traditional Mediterranean dishes, pasta, steaks to contemporary fusion cuisine and seafood.

    In particular I am puzzled about the choice of oven. Do I need one of this combi-steamer ovens or a regular oven with 6 burners on the top is enough. Do I need a pasta cooker or I can manage without one. What would be a relevant size of the fryer for such a place.

    Can you help me with some essentials about the brands available in Europe and if you know where I can find used equipment.

    Any suggestions are very welcome and much appreciated.
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