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I want to cook a special meal for my girlfriend this weekend. I was wondering if anyone good give me a good idea. I am pretty talanted in the kitchen so i am open to any kind of suggestion. Thank you.
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Big juicy paella with lobster and everything with just a spoon or use your fingers...
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How about a little more info like what the 2 of you like? any food allergies? what kind of ingredients is available to you?

what kind of food; italian? french? chinese? mexican? sweet? savory? spicey?
seafood? vegetarian? carnovoirs?
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I guess an italian meal would be a good choice. There are no food allergies and i can get pretty much any kind of ingrediants.


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Why don't you make something simple, quite cliche but improved upon your local Italian eatery's version by a bit.

1) Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil salad dressed with reduced balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

2) Roast a veal loin, serve with some mash potatoes and green beans... or your vegetable of choice.

3) Pannacotta with fresh berries in vanilla syrup

All very simple. You cut up all the ingredients for the saladin the afternoon, reduce the balsamic vinegar, and put it together just before serving. You can also roast the veal so it comes out of the oven before you serve the first course. Your mash potatoes can be held warm on the stove in a heavy pan, and in case you need to reheat you can do it by adding a bit of milk and reheating it on the stove. Make the pannacotta and syrup the day before. Pick the nicest berries out while you're preparing the ingredients for the salad.


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Kuan, when is dinner?!?!? :D

Myers -

I think that menu is divine. Only thing I would add is a spritz of lemon and a dash of corse sea salt on the caprese salad. It does wonders.

Have fun! ;)


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