Help me name my new bistro

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Hello I need Help naming a new resturant in denver colorado. It will be a busy bistro serving local produce and lots of farmy dishes.

The decor of the inside will be farmhouse style. It needs a name this is killing me. Help!
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Sounds like that place on Little House on the Prarie - Walnut Grove? I guess that would throw someone looking for a place to eat....

I like how you have "BUSY bistro" in the site description : D    I hope it is indeed  : )

You could go with something cliche', but sends a message as to the cusine, like "Grandma's House".

Or something solid, like "Heartland Bistro" - but you are in the Rockies, not the Plains...

Maybe a take from some highend steak houses, like "The Plow and the Kettle"

If you have a blended Bistro/Bar you could aim for a demographic and just call it "Rooster's"

If you use any of my suggestions to form a name, I will expect an open invitation to stage in your kitchen whenever I'm up there, and maybe a cold beer after service.  ; D
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Lets see............................................................


The Mile High Mill serving fresh daily
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Just a thought - the farmhouse references and the word "bistro" don't seem to go together.  Isn't a bistro a small simple (urban) french place?  A small parisian restaurant?  American farm cooking is another thing, I'd think you'd need another word than bistro. 
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Just call it "Brunson's"

People tend to remember real names much better and faster. Avoid things like bistro etc. in the name;  it unnecessarely segments the market; some may already avoid visiting your place because they don't like bistro-style. Let people find out for themselves what your place is. Also, it will give you the freedom to head in another direction when -worst case scenario- the original formula doesn't work.

You could shorten the name into "Brun"

It even means "brown" in french. It would work in France, but the english pronounciation is horrible. So, I like Brunson's better, it's alive and you don't start guessing for the meaning of the word.
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