Help me make corn fritters! aka 'pakora' (Recipe included)

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"The key to perfect corn pakoda is to use corn kernels of the regular desi (Indian) variety."

I cant find that specifically, so I tried using canned corn, chopped as fine as I could .  I can't for the life of me get the batter to form; it completely falls apart in my hand. I have tried leaving the corn moist, and also drying it on a p.towel, but neither method has worked.

Any idea as to what I am doing wrong, and what, if anything I can try?

Thanks in advance.
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If it is too moist, try adding a little more corn flour to stiffen it up.

Your corn may have given off more liquid then you needed.

You may want to consider straining the corn before you add the dry ingredients. That way you control the liquid and can add more it need be.
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Also try using frozen corn, it has a much better flavor. Prep the corn by letting it thaw completely and then allowing it to dry between paper towels. Remove as much moisture as possible.
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