Help me get an idea of some schools I can think about before my senior year?

Discussion in 'Choosing A Culinary School' started by emilyoverboard, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm a junior in high school right now and I'm in a half day culinary program - I absolutely love it.

    I've known that I wanted to go into the culinary arts since I was a little, little girl and I've always been extremely passionate about it.

    Because of some problems, my grades have been pretty bad before this year and my GPA isn't too nice.

    Not exactly rich, give me some ideas?

    Also, I live in New York (close to the city/jersey) and any schools in, nearby, or not ridiculously far are ideal.
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    What kind of a cook/chef do you want to be? If you want to work in restaurants, I would suggest going straight to some one or two michelin starred restaurants in the area and ask to work for free. You'll probably start out on prep somewhere and it'll jump start your career far more than any school. If you're still commuted to throwing your money away than your in luck! Most I the best culinary schools are right in your neck of the woods. The culinary institute of America is probably the best in the nation, as well as a couple of New York French institutes. Just look up best schools in the us and you'll see like five are in NY. Still your best bet is to jump straight in, this is a career where passion, a desire to learn, and a hard working attitude will do far more for you than what your resume says when you're starting out
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    Thanks for joining cheftalk we are glad to have you. My advice to you is at this point do not attend culinary school. You have already most likely learned the basics, stocks, butchering, knife skills. You will only get a more refined version of what you have already been taught. And, the cost for this is very high and not worth taking on heavy loans. After high school I would simply seek out a great chef in your area and spend time working in their kitchen. See what the day to day life of a cook is all about. It is hard difficult work that often impacts time with family. Figure out what is important to you (Family, marriage, children, financial stability, etc), spend some time in the business and then decide is culinary school makes sense. My gut tells me that if you have gone through one culinary program you don't need a second one.
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    Well, According to me, culinary schools plays a very important role in building the base for making a bright career in culinary arts industry. One of the most important things that are asked is to find the platform from which you can choose the suitable culinary school. This requires a much planned approach and you need to find the one culinary school that fits your merit and can help them evolve as a professional. You should be clear about your goals that will help you in finding the right culinary school for you. With so many distinctive features, culinary school is indeed a blessing for teenagers who are looking for a direction. There are many top culinary schools in New York. The main thing that you need to do is to choose the one that best fits your requirements. Here is the list of some well-ranked culinary Schools in your area:
    • Bryant & Stratton College
    • Star Career Academy
    • The Culinary Institute of America
    • The Institute of Culinary Education
    • The International Culinary Center
    Since, it's a world of competition and so one needs to be clear the basic entry level requirements before getting a best fit job. So just go for it without any doubt to fulfill your dreams of becoming a top chef.

    Get detailed information about these schools here: