Help me find perfect checks chef pants

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I used to wear Chef Revival Knife N Steel 24/7
They had a drawstring, deep side pockets and dual back pockets. They have been great to me for almost four years now. Chef revival discontinued these pants, and I have been looking everywhere for a replacement. I even tried one of Chef Revival's other lines- terrible.

I am looking for the most comfortable pants around. I want four pockets, a drawstring... NOT baggy. I guess a cotton mix or 100% cotton would be best? Durability is important but I'd rather be comfortable and buy pants more often. Price isn't really a problem, considering I want to be comfortable at any cost. They have to be checks, black and white. 

Every other one's I've tried are weird fitting, they fall down, and they feel like I have cardboard around my legs.

Anyone any suggestions? I'd be extremely grateful.

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I get all my chef clothes at the deals vary on what is a good time to buy pants vs jackets and what  the special of the month is.... toques or aprons for example.

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I get my jackets from town and country uniforms and the touques as well but that;s where I stop. The chef pants they have for women are horrid and honestly I feel like I am going to lose my drawers when I have them on.  I'm not sure if they come in checks but I love the premium uniforms chef pants.. the label on the back pocket says chef's choice and I love them.. yes they start out as a baggy but then they taper down to a comfy fit around the ankle.. no drawstrings and what I love a nice thick waistband.  They also have four pockets.. I am looking into making my own bottoms just so I have exactly what I want and not feel like I will moon


i like ChefWorks. very comfy, although it only has 3 pockets.
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am i the only person that doesnt like the draw string pants? anyone have any suggestions for a good belt loop type pant maybe a pair of cargo pants?
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If you can get them there, Dickies makes a nice work pant.  I prefer premium uniforms pants but that's just me.. I hate the ladies kitchen pants we get from Town and Country uniforms.. they are awful!

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