Help Me Choose A Tenderizer?

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by raibeaux, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Hi.  I'm in the process of choosing a tenderizer, and I've never used one, though have seen them used many times.

    Didn't realize that there were so many knife/cutting-edge choices.  I'd like to use it on various beef cuts, etc. for cutlets, for knitting and also for boneless chicken breasts.  Doesn't look like the same insert is going to work for all this.  Seems that the assemblies are costing in the $800 range, so it would be expensive to try and have multiple ones.

    Also, to confuse me even more, the knife assemblies are available in various spacings between the knives.

    Also don't know which brand to buy.  Fleetwood seems to be the least expensive, but the Biro, Hobart and Berkel seem to be preferred brands at meat markets.  I would even consider a hand-operated unit to try out if there is a good one out there.

    Any ideas or suggestions would really be appreciated.

    Thanks much.