Help me choose a set of cookware for my wife for christmas...

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Just bought my daughter in law a set of Calaphon 10 piece normally 159.95 now 99.00 plus $1.00 shipping.  $1000 dollar pots do not make you cook better.,But it does  make you buy cheaper food so you can afford the pots.
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The Macy's set has a "core" of aluminum on the bottom only, not up the sides.  The set from Amazon has cladding on the bottom and up the sides. All-Clad have the cladding on the bottom and sides.  As such, if you're deciding solely between those two sets, the set from Amazon should be more like the All-Clad.  However, I would suggest you look at the Tramontina tri-ply clad cookware on  I have the 10 piece and it's quite nice.  It has larger pieces than the set from Amazon you're looking at.  However, the Tramontina was on sale for $179 and now is at $279, so unless you need the larger pieces, the set from Amazon doesn't look bad at all.  If the Tramontina goes back down to $199 or $179, I would opt for it if you need the larger pieces. 

Watch the price on the Tramontina.  I have a feeling they're going to have a sale again soon on it, as it was $249 a few weeks ago, then down to $179, and now $279?  I'd expect a "save $100" sale coming.  You can't get the 10 piece in stores, online only.
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Somebody above you posted this link

I have actually seen these at Walmart and they were impressive enough that I would definitely choose them over All Clad.  Not because I thought they were better, but because I think they rival All Clad as far as fit, finish and most likely performance at a fraction of the price.  If you were wanting to spend All Clad prices, I think there is much better out there for the money.   Sry to any All Clad lovers, just my opinion.
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I have cooked with All-Clad, and I own a set of Tramontina Tri-Ply. A professional chef might be able to tell the difference. I cannot.
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It just might be me but...  I don't see the need of bottom and side cladding on big pots.  On some sauce pans it's very helpful. On saute pans, it matters a lot depending on whether your stove is gas or electric.

If you have electric stove, heavy bottom pots and pans do fine jobs.  On gas stoves, especially ones with higher BTU, I would recommend full clad pans.

Hope this helps a bit.
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