Help! Make ahead Paella?

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Hi everyone. I'm catering for a friend and she requested Paella. I would like to make the Paella the night before, placed in a chafing dish, and put in my hot box.  Can it be done without totally ruining the texture of the rice and the seafood?  Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Absolutely not.  You can parcook the rice and finish cooking with the seafood over there.
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Paella is not just a food it is an event.

People gather around with music and drink while the Paella chef builds the meal in front of them.  Then the seafood is added and the paella is covered. 15 to 20 minutes later the cover is removed to reveal la piece de resistence

A certain amount of preparation can be done ahead of time, ie pealing garlic, deveining the langostines, marinating the chicken pieces

It is a lot of work and a lot of fun
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