HELP!!! I'm coming to New York City in like a week!!!

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So, I need help. I'm coming to New York City on the 22 of this month!! I've already planned to see Phantom of the Opera on broadway and ground zero and the statue of liberty... help me figure out where all the good local favorites are!!! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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Give Suzanne a email or PM...she and Kyle are our eye's and ears of the Big Apple!!!

How long will you be in the city?
and with whom?

Take some good wine and cheese to Central park and just sit back and watch the world go by...I could sit in that park for hours and never see the same thing twice

Enjoy yourself :)
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Sorry I will be there from the 22 to the 26 with my mom she planned the whole thing as a suprise so we could bond:bounce:
so if anyone lives there or has visited what was your favorite thing???
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Hey, great! I'm probably older than your mom, but I'd LOVE to show you guys some neat stuff! I'll PM you my phone #.
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