Help!! I need more casserole ideas for a client!

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I'm a personal chef and I have a client who has requested I make only casseroles for her service.  I make 6 every 2 weeks and coming up with new ideas has become exhausting!  It's always rice or pasta, a main veg and chicken, ground turkey or beef with either a tomato or cream sauce (they don't eat pork).  There are only so many combos that can be concocted!  I avoid potatoes and veggies with high water content because I freeze the meals.  Please help me with ideas!!
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Pastacio, Seafood with Rissotto, Sausage,Peppers and Potato, Assorted Quiches, Curried Chicken and Basmatti Rice.  You can make cassaroles from most anyhing, use imagination. 
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eggplant parm, enchiladas(hell you could do 20 different variations on this one alone. Tons of stuff can be made into a casserole. Pot pies, Shepperd's pie. Make up some bitchin soup recipes and give them a sample to try to let them know you can make all kinds of wonderful things.

The prolly just want casseroles because they are a pop in the oven and go kinda thing.if you freeze the soup in small air tight bags they can just through them in boiling water and they have amazing soup.
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I'd suggest ground beef curry with basmati rice, chicken biryani, Hungarian goulash, sausage and pepper goulash (served over freshly cooked mashers... the mashers can be cooked while the casserole is heating up) chilli con carne, white chicken chili, chipotle mac and cheese (if they like spicy food) beef stew, jambalaya and paella for sure.

Depending on their tastes, they might also like a seven layer casserole, or a ground beef hash.  Both are very simple to prep but are comfort foods.  You can also do cabbage rolls, meatball stew... the ideas are endless.  If you need/want recipes for anything I've mentioned send me a  message and I'll post them.
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