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Hello guys , Im a female and have been cooking in different restaurants for 5 years. I usually work the line, anyways..I got hired last week for prep/line cook because I needed some extra money. So my first week is over and no cooking..the GM and Chefs direct me to clean and do dishes. Im white and they are all Hispanic which I really dont care but I understand Spanish fluently. They are telling each other to make the white girl do dishes. They don't want me to even help prep. Its a good ol boys gang I guess, but my question is how long should I continue to let this go on? The manager that hired me of course doesnt have the balls to tell the Chefs anything. I am keeping a great attitude and doing a good job. Maybe too good they will keep me at utilities...? Ugh  frustrated!

Thanks  guys any advice would help..
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Are they paying you dish wage or line cook wage? Maybe they want you to learn all of the areas of their kitchen, that's often what I do, because when call outs happen then I can plug people in wherever is needed. have a conversation with the chef to hear where the direction of your employment is going, if that's a concern.
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Lauren brought up some good points. What pay scale are you getting and what were you told when you were hired? You have been there one week and you have already decided you think you know what is going on. Talk to the Chef, not the cooks, about what your role is. Don't complain, just ask for clarification. And don't assume the manager doesn't have the balls to speak up. There may be other reasons why the manager isn't saying anything. He may feel there is nothing to say. 

   You said you understand Spanish fluently. What does that mean? Do you speak fluent Spanish? Do you communicate with the other cooks in Spanish? Do they know you can speak Spanish fluently? 
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All good questions, I would certainly wait for the right opportunity, Like when they refer to you as white girl, then give them a lashing in Spanish

telling them you don't appreciate that.
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A week is nothing. They are probably checking out your attitude and work ethic before deciding whether or not to invest their time and effort on a new "team" member.
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All of these replies are bang on.

Take the advice here, keep your head up, and your mouth shut for another couple of weeks.They're all testing you, and don't let on that you understand spanish for now. They'll warm up to you once you show your worth as an asset to the place.
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All good points.

On the other hand though, some Hispanic anthropology is in order here.

Women are well respected within Hispanic mothers and wives, NOT in the work force.

This mentality still exists.

Perhaps the situation you are experiencing is just that. Just sayin.... 
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@Chefross   makes a very valid point. Due to my location I have witnessed this numerous time along the way. Not only is there disdain for women in the work place but

even more so for white women. In most cases, only the women who stand up to the men are the only ones who gain respect. I have also seen times when the tiniest of

women stand up to the group and get longterm almost subserviant respect. Just sayin
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The Amigos I work with are great guys but not exactly progressive.  The most "modern" of them still insists on calling our newest female cook "baby" and can't understand why she objects.
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They don't know I understand Spanish. They don't talk me they just do their own thing. There doesn't seem to be a Head Chef just Kitchen Manager which I never see him cook. I overheard the Gm tell the chef yesterday that he wants me start prepping, so he did finally tell him.  My shift went by and nobody ever even ask me to step in and help, we were even shorthanded two prep cooks called in sick. So I don't complain I just did Utilities. I was hired to cook that was the actual job description.Its going on two weeks now so I will be patient. I am making only 10.50 hourly I never ask the Chefs what they make it ,Its none of my business. Thanks 
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Well I am the only white girl there and the only girl that wants to cook. To top it off Im a retired Police Officer and I told the Gm not to mention it to any of the guys. I just want to cook. He did tell them when I told him not to. He said he likes that quality in me that I am confident...bla bla blah...etc. Maybe its in my personality and it shows ?? I dont know but Im not going to walk around with my tail between my legs. I am very friendly and work hard. I never take breaks and I Im a clean freak.  
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​follow up now three weeks into my job, finally prepping and not doing dishes. I m liking this place a lot. Hoping to start cooking soon

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