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I seem to have been nominated by my church to be executive chef or all our church functions.  This entails everything from feasts to one dish stuff.  The one dish stuff is easy, but the feast stuff is hard.

Today I am smoking two 10 pound + Bacon explosins.  Sort of a bacon wrapped stuffed bulk brat meatloaf.  It is slathered inside with mustard, stuffed with onions, kraut, and Swiss cheese.  It will be served tomorrow, and must be referigerated until before the meal time.

Tomorrow I will be apple smoking 25 pounds of chicken.

Do I under cook stuff to finish later, when rewarming.  What is the best way to rewarm quantities of food.  I have only a regular old propane kitchen stove (it's old enough to be avocado in color), one big Nesco roaster, a couple of smokers, and a grill old enough to vote.

Cooking isn't the problem, what to do when it's done, and the rewarming thing, especially when wanting to maintain cripness without drying it out, or making it soggy.

I REALLY would appreciate some help on this. 


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If it were me I would prep my bacon wrapped stuff today and cook it the next day early and hold it. 

The chicken should be done all the way and then reheated on the grill.  If necessary use foil to protect the chicken while reheating.
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If you don't already have an instant read thermometer,  get one ASAP.  This will be your BFF.  It will eliminate any guesswork regarding the internal temperature of the food, whether it's a casserole or roast.  You will know when food is done through,  and it will also help you monitor temperatures on the food line.  Your menu sounds wonderful,  when do we eat? 
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Everthing came out great and everyone loved it.  The chicken was melt in your mouth good, tender and moist.  The "Bacon Explosion" aka "Fatty" ended up perfect.

I quit smoking the chicken a few degrees short of done, popped it in the Nesco on warm until served.  The "Explosion" I let warm to room temp, put it in a preheated oven at 350.  When the temp hit 140F I shut the oven off, at serving time the internal temp was 160.

Thank the Lord, and my helper team all went well. 

Thanks for the advise.
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