Help growing Cucumber, Zuchinni and Squash

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I need some help growing Cucumber, Zuchinni and Squash.

I planted 2 packs of each last year and only got like 1 vegatable from each, although I had quite a few plants.

I started the seeds in a tray with miricle grow soil.

Then I moved them to pots and I used a combination of top soil and miricle grow soil. 

Should I used a raised bed instead of the pots?

Should I change my soil combination?

Should I be using any fertilizer?  If so how much and how often?

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Abe, the first thing to understand is that cucurbits are very sensitive to transplant shock. And they have big root systems than need lots of room.

So, unless by "pot" you mean a really large container, you're better off growing them directly in the ground. A raised bed certainly would do. Or go with large containers. I've grown them successfully in 20-gallon tubs, for instance.

Cucumbers do much better when they are allowed to grow upwards on a trellis or other such support. Studies indicate as much as 50% greater production when grown vertically as opposed to sprawling.

Cucurbits are heavy feeders. The problem with the Miracle Gro is that it's heavy on nitrogen. As a result, you get good foliage growth. But it's not balanced enough for fruit set and ripening. Go with a good quality 10-10-10 fertilizer, or one that is heavier on the K & P.
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