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Greatings global kitchenbrotherhood!

Please allow me to feed on your collectively fruitful knowledge and overview of cookery around the world and I promise to keep the knowledge flowing when I myself get some experience!

See, I am a Danish Cookery student currently looking around the world for a place to start an apprenticeship this January after my initial 5 months of school. I find it hard though to get a proper overview through google and need some recommendations and tips. If you have any favorite restaurants or know of places that are especially good to learn from.

I have great interest in the whole earth-to-table concept and would love to be close to the ingredients I use from growing, harvesting, conserving, butchering, but of course my main focus is cooking techniques. I prefer the concept of more intimate places and not the great big hells kitchen style things. Locationwise I have no prferences yet, the arts are the preference.

I know this place is not a dating site or anything, but I just don't know where to look right now, so any experience and knowledge you're willing to share will be highly appreciated, really! Just a name of a place and I will look it up myself and if you want to share more with me about your own ideas and thoughts about what a kitchen should be I will love to hear it and believe me it will help me on my path nomatter what.

Anything you would like to share!

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