HELP, first day at a high end restaurant, what to expect?

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Hi everyone,

This is my second post so best with me here. I grew up working in the bar seen for my parents when I was very young around 7-9yo and as I grew older around 15-16 I was running my family food truck. Now we didn't do anything revolutionary or extreme. I then moved up to working at a Greek cafe where things where mainly from scratch but it wasn't so intense as I thought because the chef/owner wasn't so picky on knife cuts and no like work what so ever was the use of pans all flat top and fryer, no raw meat except chicken breast and burgers. (Gyro is pure cooked on the spit) I was a flood worker with everyone and actually was more of a manager, doing food order day to day prep, fmhandling catering because my boss really didn't know how, but my question is that I'm starting a new job a restaurant called the bachelor farmer tomorrow and idk if I'm ready I really need a job and I want to be successful but am I ready for this kind of work?
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Echo Phaedrus. Nothing is more irritating to a chef than having a staff member try to negotiate what they've been told to do or when they think they have a better idea of how something should be done. Mouth shut, head down. The only vocalizations should be direct questions about how the chef would like something done, 'heard', 'behind', 'sharp' and 'yes chef'.
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best advice I could give, is to show up on time, clean, ready to work.  Don't show an attitude, just do as you are told.  Be patient.  Careers take time, and a LOT of work.  


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1)  Work clean

2)  Handle everything with care

That's the vibe I get from Bachelor Farmer.
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