Help Finding A Job In France As A Cook???

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Hello Dear Cheftalk Members,

Firstly im newbie at this forum so please sorry about my wrongs. Im 27 years male, work about international trade since 2010 at turkey also i living there.

Nowadays i want to go France and learn french, cook to change my life. I never work any restaurant or something like that but im always like to eat.

I reach few school names in google but i'm confuse cause i need basic maybe middle level education. (maybe 3 or 6 month maximum) and after i need a internship to complete my skill with professional way. I know not need just school experience for future.

So, i need your value advice to choose my carrer\new life at france.

Thank you for all.

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Hello.... I've never been to France but I'm also trying to find a job in another country (New Zealand)... Good luck!

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