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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by succotash, May 24, 2012.

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    I have been in the market for a job for about 2 weeks.  I have an offer for a Line Cook job at probably the best Restaurant in this area, but I know I am overqualified for the position, and the pay is %60 of my last three jobs, with no benefits. 

    I have an application being processed for a Restaurant Sous Chef job at the nicest hotel in the area.  My dilemma is that I don't want to accept a job that I quit and burn a bridge with one of the best Chefs in the area, but I also don't want to turn it down outright and be without a job alltogether.

    I wouldn't apply to a line cook position at any other restaurant, but this one is one of the only ones in the area that is actually relevant to current trends.  I have to let him know by tomorrow, I said that I would have an answer by the end of the week.

    Should I be honest about trying to get this Sous Chef position?  Should I just take the job, and not say a word?
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    You definitely don't want to burn a bridge with the chef in the best restaurant in town, so taking the job then quitting right after would not be an option for me.  

    As for the rest of it, its a choice you are going to have to make for yourself as there are so many variables affecting what the best course of action is.   If you are still very young and single and are looking to learn as much possible, Id say take the pay cut and work for the better chef.   If you are older, have a family to support, have an established name etc, then its time to chase the money.   Only you can honestly answer where you think you are in your career path.