[HELP] Differences between Culinary school's regional branches? how to pick a culinary school?

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    Hi folks,

    I'm currently doing my due diligence and working at a restaurant to gain some first hand experience and insights on the food industry prior to applying to a Culinary School like many of you have suggested.

    However, I recently moved from the U.S. and am currently residing in Asia- Taiwan. After some research, I've learned that Culinary Institute of America has an institute in Singapore, and Le Cordon Blue also has a branch in Asia - located in Malaysia. Obviously, both of these are closer to me at the moment and are the two candidates I have in mind.

    But, my question is, does the quality of teachings differ drastically depending on where the school is located? How should one decide which school or what region of a school to attend to? Does the one in Asia have more of a focus on oriental food ?

    What should be my focus when picking a school? The faculty members at that particular branch?

    Are some schools more known for its ...., while another might be pinnacle of academic studies for .....?
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