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HELLO ALL I AM A first yr. CULINARY STUDENT IN DETROIT MI A FAMILY MEMBER GAVE ME A BIG CUT OF BEEF unfortunately none of us knows what it is its frozen so I can't open it till it thaws can anyone help with identifying this cut of meat so that I can properly cook it
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How many pounds is it? Looks like a chuck roll to me with the bottom end being from near the ribs and good for a couple fairly tender steaks. Rest is good for any slow cooking method. That is IF it is a chuck roll... 15+ pounds it probably is. It could be sectioned into roasts, as I said take a couple steaks off the rib end. Slow roast, braise, I have done them on the smoker whole for pulled beef sandwiches... grind for burger, cube for chili meat...
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Whatever it is, I'd say unroll it and use a sharp knife to go carefully between the various bits naturally separated by fat. Then you can treat each piece as it deserves. If you dig around on KQED YouTube, you can find Jacques Pépin cutting up a whole lamb or veal like this, and he explains what each piece is and what works best with it.

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Being a chuck roll it doesn't have sections to take apart like that... cross cut it into 3-4 inch thick roasts and be done with it!

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