Help! Champagne frosting

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So I'm having a hard time with champagne frosting... I used a vanilla buttercream base and added champagne too much actually but you still can't taste it at all.. am I very off using champagne flavoring? Or does anyone have a good recipe that can be piped on cupcakes


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It's always problematic to add a liquid to buttercream. In the case of champagne, the flavor is not concentrated like a liqueur, or bold like a brandy, thus is lost in translation. Extract will give you the flavor you can't achieve without excessive amounts of actual champagne. You can still add actual champagne, but add the extract first. Then add champagne a tablespoon at a time until you reach the desired flavor. Keep in mind extract also contains alcohol. Absent heat, the alcohol from both the extract and champagne will remain. Alcohol needs a temperature above 170 degrees to begin evaporating.
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I just saw some oil flavorings at ac moore. Not sure if they have champagne flavor or if it will work but I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention.
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Perhaps reduce some of the champagne in a saucepan to intensify the flavor....allow to cool and then add this to the frosting.....
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I would use the champagne/sparkling wine to flavor the cake, like a soaking syrup, if you really wanted to taste it.

Or make babas/savarins, which would REALLY drink it up.

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