HELP cake pop troubleshooting

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Which method do you all prefer? I just bought a cake pop mold but it doesn't come out right? Need help with tips to make them perfectly round .... or should I just do away with it and just continue to do it the old fashion way?


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Personally, I'd ditch the mold. I haven't heard any good feedback on the molds.

Hand forming the cakepops is pretty simple and fast. I find the shape is uniform if I start rolling with cupped hands, then as the cake ball forms, uncup my fingers and gently roll the cake ball in the center of my palms with hands flat. If you keep your palms cupped, it creates a more oblong shape

I don't know if you ar familiar with Bakerella, but she is the a queen of cake pops.

Craftsy has a good YouTube video on cake pop coating

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I prefer cake pop molds. The cake pops always come right when using them. I have trouble in doing the cake pops myself, but I never had problems in regards to the cake molds.
Maybe the problem is not the cake mold, but the recipe or the technique. How thick is the dough you use? How do you fill the shapes? Do you fill the two parts at a time or do you overfill one of them and then overlap the second?
The hull I always use is a little thicker than most recipes show. As for the technique, I prefer to fill the two parts at a time and then overlap them.

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