Help! Cake advice needed now!

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I bake high-end cake sculptures, having an issue with customer. Lady having birthday party for her 2-year old son. wants an awesome train cake sculpture, but ONLY WANTS ENOUGH CAKE TO SERVE THE ADULTS, NOT THE KIDS & NOT the birthday boy! Says she is serving the kids cake pops from another bakery.

I am infuriated that this woman would get a train cake then not allow the kids to eat it. My question is, would you do this? And what do I say to this woman? I know business is business, but this just rubs me the wrong way. And is it even my business what she does with it?
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Hey Liz,

Been a long time.

I'm a little confused as to why you are annoyed. Is it that the price is lower because the portions are less? Because she didn't

get the pops from you?

This happens to us all the time. I wouldn't take it personal or that she is not serving your cake to the kids. The kiddo might have requested it or she had them at another party. Maybe your cake flavor is adult orientated. It could be she just wants something convienient for the kids. No plates, etc.  This customer could have just as easily got her cake where she got the pops.

Last week we had an order for a single smash cake for a kiddo. I did a little bitching and moaning because we were so busy with other orders. Then found out the customers hand were tied because the inlaws were paying for the cake and requested a different bakery.

Hey, in this economy it's a compliment to get any type of order.



What is going on with the bill?
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I don't really understand that reply. I do understand that this is a pro. forum grasshopper.

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