Help again!

Joined Nov 26, 2000
Mousse went very well. It lost a little volume in the defrosting and piping but was still good.

NOW: I wanted to do coconut creme brulee for the next big thing (100-150) But I may not have enough dishes.

I'm thinking of doing cherries jubilee instead.

Ideas? recipes? Type of cherries?

thanx in advance
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I like to use a variety of cherries for cherry desserts.
Bing are nice, but now is not cherry season.
For good quality jar cherries try
1-800-PASTRY-1, they have French sour, brandied and bing.
For Coconut brulee, consider a coconut short dough tart shell filled with brulee custard and finished in the usual way.
or How about a coconut flan? I'd use disposible 4 oz aluminum portion cups.
The list is endless. good luck!! ;)
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