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Hi Everyone!

My name is Sarah... I just stumbled upon this website the other day, and it was the first culinary message board I've found that acutally had people posting on a regular basis. So, I decided to join :)

I will be attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute beginning in October (would do it sooner, but SCI is not the cheapest of schools). I'm sooooo excited to attend, but am really nervous as well because I've yet to work in the culinary industry in any capacity.

About me... well, I live in Arizona (native) and cooking is my passion! My main hobby besides cooking is traveling. I've been all over Europe as well as the US of A (Vegas, baby). I also love movies (have about 250 DVD's + 75 video tapes) and really enjoy baseball (watching) and golf (both watching and playing). In addition to all of this, when I have spare time I sing and act and go to the theater regularly.

I'm really excited about this site because it'll give me an opportunity to talk to all of you who share my joy of cooking as well as meeting other culinary students and professionals.

Well, I guess that's about it...

Bye for now!
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Hi Sarah, and welcome to Chef Talk! We certainly do have a lively community here, with lots of conversations going on to keep us all busy.

From what line of work are you switching to food? I wish you luck in your new path. What kinds of foods do you like to prepare?

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Welcome aboard!! There is some great insight over in the Culinary Students forum that you might find helpful for your schooling. No to mention all of the great information in all the forums!
Who you rootin' for in baseball? AZ Diamondbacks:eek: Go Pirates!
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I am currently an administrative assistant. Good money, but this wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. So, a couple of months ago I got up the courage to just go ahead and apply to SCI and go back to school for what I really want to do, which is cook :)

Specialties... I'm not exactly sure. I can make anything with a recipe. As far as my own creations, people seem to really like my blackened chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, chicken parmesan and my coffee version of a pot de creme. Gee, I seem to have a lot of chicken dishes listed... I guess that anything with chicken in it would be my specialty.
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Yes, I'm a D'Backs fan (although I'm hanging my head in shame and embarassment so far this season). My best friend's family is friends with Dusty Baker, so I'm also always rooting for the Giants, although this year it's the Cubbies!

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