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This is an amazing website. Today is my first visit and I can tell after browsing around I will find this a great resource. I will also contribute any time I can help. Everyone is so supportive of each other. Ciao.
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Thanks for the welcome. I work in a cooking school that teaches classes for the home cook. I teach quite a few classes and spend the remainder of my time working on the management side of the school. I have been cooking since I was a child and have always had a passion for food.
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Hello, Dickie! We're so glad you found us. We hope you enjoy browsing and posting. If you have questions about the board, please let us know. If there's a topic you'd like to find here from an earlier conversation (thread), use the search function to locate it.

As Cape Chef said, please tell us a bit about yourself. What kinds of recipes do you share with your students?
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Welcome aboard. I will (as of next Monday) be in the classroom teaching on the high school level. Any advice/guidance/warnings ;) would be most welcome.
Again, welcome to the show!!
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Thanks again for all the welcomes.

Note to Jim. Will you be teaching high school kids culinary skills? I have taught children through adults. I think all kids, especially in high school would like to be treated professionally. They really embrace cooking techniques and terminology and will work hard until they get results. They can handle some pretty sophisticated menus. Enjoy!
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I'm curious where you do this? You can PM me (personal messaging option). If ever on Sherry Ln. please stop by for coffee. I love to talk shop.
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Welcome D:)

As one who comes from a family of teachers, I admire anyone who can teach anything! The fact that you're teaching cooking is especially admirable to me. One of my favorite classes in high school was something similar to what they used to call "home ec" back in panini and Cape Chef's days. Everybody kind of snickered at us, and yes we did take it for an easy grade, but me and a buddy rocked not only at whipping up some snazzy dishes for scrawny kids, but also doing all the dishes! Would have loved to have a chance to continue to develop those skills, but they were nonexistent.
Would love to hear of your adventures.
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Dickie... I will have 18 Sophmores and 18 Juniors for Culinary Arts in a very 'aggressive' Vo-Tech program.
Any inout is greatly appreciated! Thanks,
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The sky's the limit with these kids. I'm not really familiar with vocational tech so you have to fill me in. Are they learning specific cooking skills like pastry or specific cuisines like French? Or, are you open to creating the curriculum. Are you working in a full kitchen where you can prepare anything? Also, how long is the course? Kids this age love to cook things they cannot pronounce and are relatively easy to make. Just keep a close eye on any chopping going on. I recently taught high school kids to make a dinner party menu including herbed pork roast with a mustard cream sauce, haricot vert amandine, a salad that I can't remember right now but showed them a couple of techniques for emulsifying the dressing, duchess potatoes, tarte tatin and an appetizer I can't remember off hand. Anyway, they loved it and did a great job. Hope this helps.
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hey dickie,

welcome aboard,

great site isnt it . I found it completely by accident & have been
searching for ages for a cooks chat forum. The internet might be huge but theres an awful lot of chaff there. Have a look at isas
last thread about top 10 dishes . Makes interesting reading as
different people choose common dishes.


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Welcome Dickie, make yourself at home. Good people, good discussions.

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