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Hi Folks,

I just signed up for this wonderful resource. I am starting a restaurant with a friend of mine that owns several bowling alleys. The each have nice kitchens but no customers really. So we are starting a BBQ joint called  Back Alley Bar BQ.We stress the bar because we have 48 taps of craft beer featuring at least thirty brews from brewers in Western NY and the Greater Buffalo Niagara region...

I have a bunch of experience smoking meat and we bought a nice Southern Pride smoker so I am pretty stoked. The downside is that, though I have worked as a short-order line cook while getting my Ph.D. I have never ran a kitchen.

It is a fun learning experience and I hope to make great use of this site.

I started a forum in Food and Cooking that asks about temperatures for flat tops. If anyone would like to help me figure out how to use this really nice flat top that we just got, please find it. The idea is that we reheat the meats and make sandwiches on the flat top, but the meat gets over cooked.

I hope to learn a lot here and share what I know too. I am no Steve Raichlin , but I know how to smoke meat really well.

Thanks for letting me join!

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Hello Jacuzzo, I'm a noobie too! Compliments on your get-up-and-go entrepreneurial spirit!

Tell me, smoker specialist, have you ever smoked oysters? If so, I'd love to hear more about that...




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Welcome, I would love to hear how you went from getting a PHD to running a craft beer restaurant. 

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