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Hello everyone.

I'm Trik'Stari, or just Trik if you prefer.

I love good food. Everything from cereal to ribs.

I have a passion for foods that combine sweetness with savory and smokey flavors. I have an extreme dislike of all things spicy (I don't get why people want their food to be painfull.....). I am on a never ending quest to replicate a pan-sauce I had at a small fine restaurant in Halifax Virginia, called Molasses Grill. It was unimaginably delectable. It was as though someone liquefied that bit of melt-in-your-mouth fat and charred muscle, you get from the fat-cap end of a perfectly good steak, then threw in the exact precise amount of sweetness from red-wine and perhaps balsamic vinegar. It was an absolutely perfect, harmonious balance of sweet, smokey, and savory.

Then again, it could have been the whiskey and ginger ale that made me taste that divine flavor.

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