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Hi! My name is Randi and I have wanted to be a chef since I was little. I started taking culinary classes in freshman year of high school (I am a Junior now), but my classmates never wanted me in their group because I was so clumsy. I almost gave up on being a pastry chef. But now I'm back and more determined than ever! If there is something that I am bad at then I will practice until I can't get it wrong, and prove myself to my classmates. I joined this website to further my experience. Nice to meet you all! :D
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Hi Randi. Welcome to ChefTalk, it is good to have you on board with us. Don't worry about what your classmates think about you. They don't go home with you at night. So their opinions, while potentially useful, they still don't carry the most weight. The person in the mirror is the one you have to answer to.

So..onward and upward. Good luck in your education. If you really want push the accelerator to the floor, get a job in a restaurant or bakery or caterer or etc, etc. etc. Enjoy the ride! :~)

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