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My name is Kolby and I am beginning my pursuit of Culinary Arts. Currently looking for a better job in restaurants that isn't hamburgers and simple things. I know about as much as the average beginner I would say and would love any and all advice from veteran chefs


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Welcome to ChefTalk Kolby. Just about any chef worth his salt will hire an eager protege. Find a chef you respect and ask him if he would take you on. I always encourage people to find a chef who will not just teach you how to cook but also how to run a business. It is great if you "love to cook" as I have heard a thousand times but you won't be cooking if you can't pay the bills and turn a profit. See out several chefs and restaurants that interest you.

Lastly I gave up a long time ago working for jerks and screamers. Over time I worked with enough great chefs to see that you can run a kitchen very well without yelling, screaming and making people look stupid. Don't waste your time working for that kind of a chef.
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Thank you Nicko. Funny you should say that because I just went over that with my manager who gave me a ride home.

One point he brought up was to avoid chain restaurants as well as bars/casino restaurants because those are the types you will most find. I currently live in Reno which has some upper class places but the majority of restaurants are within casinos.

I had a culinary teacher who was a legitimate chef for many years. Even relocated to Denmark to cook her highest accomplishment was cooking for the Queen of England and I was planning to go see her hoping she might be able to point me in the right direction. I have just become financially stable at 22, parent's passed away when I was young so the past years have been rougher than most ppl go through. As you read before I have just begun my career. Happen to have any points of wisdom for me to remember in the coming years? I have just began reading the CIA 7TH edition textbook but other than than and obviously cooking regularly i'm at a loss

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