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What a "packed house" of information. As a new gal, I'll be spending a lot of time reading. Forgive my beginners mistakes. I'm not much of a computer person.
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Welcome aboard! Frett not about the 'glitches'... we are all in it together. What's your background/interests?
Again, welcome!
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Hi Miller! Welcome to a very friendly culinary community of professionals and amateurs. Please don't sweat the small stuff about the board, as I'm sure you'll get acclimated quickly. If you have questions you can post them or e-mail to me or lots of others.

Please do finish introducing yourself here! Then read and post to your heart's content in the other forums.
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Thanks for the nice welcome. There are lots of interesting things shared on this group. I'm into milling my own grain, seeds, and beans and am creating recipes using Agava Nectar, a natural, low-glycemic sweetener. These have been beneficial to people who are into low-carb. foods, as well as glucose tolerance, and children who are sensative to "sugar".

I'm a food science buff - I want to know why things work in cooking/baking. I like to research foods and their impact on health, and have collected a lot of files full of information. My newest study is "slow food". I'm a beginner at sourdough breads. I never keep a starter going long enough to "name" it. There's always a new recipe for starter to try, or the old one dies, or I make it into sourdough crumpets (yummm). I make my own yogurt and kefir from fresh goat milk (it pays to live out here on the lone prairie) and my stock of Lakin variety white wheat is off a friends far a few miles away.

That will get us a bit more aquainted. If anyone needs information on milling, I probably have that covered.
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